Buffalo Rebbe Ohel

Rebbe Eliyahu Yosef Rabinowitz – אליהו יוסף ב”ר גדליה אהרן

Ohel of Buffalo Rabbi


645 Pine Ridge Heritage Blvd
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
United States

Located in the Buffalo Jewish Cemetery at the Corner of Pine Ridge Road and Maryvale Drive in Cheektowaga

From Route 33 East (the Kensington Expressway), take the Pine Ridge Road exit and take a right on Pine Ridge Road. It’s the first cemetery on your left. 

From the 290 East, take 90 West to exit 51W – Route 33 West

From 90 West or East, take exit 51W – Route 33 West

From Route 33 West, take the Harlem Road exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left, go under the highway, & take a quick right on Maryvale Drive. The cemetery is a couple of minutes up on your left, on the corner of Pine Ridge Road. 

The Rebbe’s ohel is a small brick building adjacent to the cemetery fence nearest Pine Ridge Road
Ohel combination is on door in Hebrew


The Rebbe came to the United States in 1899 from Russia and settled on the Lower East Side. In 1910 he moved to Buffalo and headed the Jefferson Street Shule. In addition to his own great genealogy, the Rebbe was the brother-in-law and chavrusa (a study partner) of the renowned Rebbe Mordechai Dov of Hornisteiple. The Rebbe appears to be the first Admor to be buried in the United States.

Pine Ridge is the site of an ohel (tomb) for Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz (b. ca 1856; d. Buffalo, November 14, 1910).  Due to the proximity of the Ohel in relation to the Ahavas Sholem cemetery, Rabbi Rabinowitz has often been associated with Ahavas Sholem in articles about the Ohel. The Ohel, however, resides in its own distinct space at the entrance way into B’nai Israel. This cemetery has the gravestones of individuals from a range of congregations and landsmannschaftn. According to a snippet from the American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger, Rabbi Rabinowitz is listed as associated with the congregation, “Brith Sholom, Anshe, Russia.”  Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz was from Sokolivka (Justingrad/Yustingrav), now in modern day Ukraine, once part of the Russian Empire. When he emigrated to the America, he first settled in New York City, but in 1908 made Buffalo his home.

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